Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ripplealong Progress

I have joined in with one crafty mumma Ripple along Blanket.  My colours I have chosen are White, Grey, Yellow and Black.  These will match my Grandma's Garden Quilt that I am making.  It was difficult to do the foundation row, but now that i am 9 rows into it I am loving it.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Inverloch and Rayle's 40th Birthday

We headed off early to Inverloch this morning as it was going to be a very hot day. We stopped for Breakfast at Macca's and the went on our first road trip in the new car. Ryder enjoyed the scenery and not once did he say "are we there yet?". On the one we saw some wind turbines and the coastal scenery was beautiful. Once we arrived in Inverloch we headed straight to the beach, we went down to this beautiful inlet. It was beautiful, there were sail boats, jet skis and familys just enjoying the beautiful weather and just trying to stay cool.

We headed up to get changed and head off to the Esplanade Hotel for Rayles's 40th Birthday lunch. I found it quite amazing that since it was her actual birthday the temperature was forecast for 40. We had a beautiful lunch. Once celebrations were over we headed down the beach again with Janine, Steve and Will. We spent a little while down there Ryder and will played wonderful together and did not want to leave. we said our goodbyes to them and head back to the car to start out road trip home, however just as putting stuff in car hear a horn toot and its Rayles, Maxi, Tess and Gus. They were headed down the surf beach and did we want to come, sure why not. We spent a couple of hours there and ended up heading back to Melbourne around 8.00pm.

Another wonderful day spent with very special people. Happy 40th Birthday Rayles

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy new year to all my family friends and loved ones. Just a quite day today pottering around home and just resting after a couple of busy days.

Saturday, December 31, 2011


As it was a very hot day today we went over to Nicki & Stevens around 4.00pm to start the celebrations. Really to go for a swim in their beautiful pool. Around 6.30pm the others arrived and we settled in for a wonderful night filled with great friends, great memories, great food. To bring in a new year which will be filled with so many more wonderous occasion.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Trishie's 40th Birthday Party

Tonight we helped to celebrate a very special person's 40th Birthday. It was a great night filled with great friends, lots of laughter and lots of tears too. The tears were due to Allan's speech, it was beautiful, then Steph gave a speech and the tears rolled again and then Trishie topped it all off with more tears. Once again happy 40th Birthday Trishie.

Ryder played in the pool for about 5 hrs his finger tips had like cuts on them from being in the water that much. Will update with some photos once i download them.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Happy 11th Birthday Ryder. You are growing up so fast, it doesn't seem like 11 years ago you came into this world. We have spent a nice day together just you and me. You wanted to go the movies for your birthday so we went and Saw "We bought a zoo", then had some lunch. We just came home so you could play with your christmas and birthday

Happy 40th Birthday Trishie, hope you have a wonderful day and can't wait for your party Friday night.

Monday, December 26, 2011

A new year A New Start

I t has been over 12 months since i have blogged, It has a been a busy year and have not been bothered to record anything on the blog. So I am going to try and start recording lifes events for the new year and see how I go. Nobody probably reads this other than me but it will be a record for our family on the events that occur in day to day life,